Reconditioned car batteries make a great alternative

When your on a budget there’s nothing better.

Whilst most people think an old car battery needs to be thrown away, the Qld Battery technicians have the tools and expertise to restore most batteries to somewhere near their original condition.

Our professionally restored reconditioned car batteries make the perfect replacement option if you are on a tight budget and don’t forget we are also Brisbane’s premier experts at safe car battery disposal and would be happy to take care of this for you as well.

Reconditioned car battery prices

We’ve listed our reconditioned car battery prices below. The team at Qld Battery have a wide range of reconditioned batteries to suit all vehicle sizes and models including trucks, earth moving equipment, solar, marine and heavy earthmoving equipment.

If you have a question about reconditioned car batteries, our pricing or a special request then please contact us today.

  • 4-cylinder and small vehicles – $35.00
  • Medium vehicles – $50.00
  • European Vehicles – between $50.00 – $60.00 
  • 4WD and light truck – $60.00
  • Larger 4WD and midsized-truck- $70.00
  • Marine batteries $80.00

Larger Trucks, Machinery and Solar power storage:

  • N150 $125.00 + GST Specifications: 1000 – CCA rating, 150-170ah, 513L x 223W x 223H, approx 45kg
  • N200 $175.00 + GST Specifications: 1150 – 1500 CCA rating, 225 ah, 518L x 274W x 242H, 55kg

Need some help with installing a battery at your location? Try our mobile battery service today. We will come out with the correct battery and get you on the road again in no time.

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