Safe Car Battery Disposal

Don’t dispose of your old battery the wrong way – we will pay you for it!

Recycle Car Batteries For Cash

The Qld Battery team will come out to your premises or place of business and buy your scrap batteries on the spot for cash, credit card or bank transfer – whichever payment method suits you best.

Scrap Car Batteries – The Experts

We are one of the few “scrappies” operating with a waste disposal permit and waste tracking system that shows the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection that your scrap batteries are being disposed of legally.

With over 40 – 50 tonnes of scrap batteries per month and increasing, you can rest assured when you sell your old battery to us they’re being disposed of responsibly or professionally restored as reconditioned car batteries by our team of experts.

Old Car Batteries Disposed The Right Way

All the scrap batteries we purchase are sent to a recycling plant in Australia where the acid is recycled, the plastic is made into wheelie bins and the lead processed into ingots and exported overseas.

Selling your scrap batteries to us is better for both the environment and local business and when you’re done and ready to buy a new car battery, turn to the company you can trust.

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